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What is Thermal Imaging

Importance of using Thermal Imagery 

Approximately 10% of my inspections show anomaly's found with the thermal imaging scan, that is why i use it for every inspection. The thermal imaging camera helps find evidence of moisture that might not be visible to the naked eye.

Why is Thermal Imaging Important for Home Inspections

Thermal Imaging camera's read the surface temperature of items. Where this becomes helpful for the home inspections process is finding moisture. Items that are wet become cooler by the moisture evaporating. This process allows us to find these anomaly's with the thermal imaging camera. Even a small drip from a toilet, drain pipe, supply pipe can show a wet spot on dry wall. These leaks might not be visible for weeks or months if they are not caught during the home inspection process.

Is Thermal Imaging X ray?

This is a question we get asked a lot, with the way Hollywood portrays thermal imaging people think it can see through walls. This is false, thermal imaging can only see the surface of an item.

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